Find Your Primal Posture and Sit Without Back Pain

Find Your Primal Posture and Sit Without Back Pain: Esther Gokhale at TEDx Stanford

Watch this quick video of Esther Gokhale teaching how to sit with proper posture.  Sitting with proper posture will align your spine in its healthy natural form, relieve neck and back pain, and begin the healing of past damage inflicted upon your spine.  

My only issue with how Esther Gokhale teaches this concept in this TEDx seminar, is the chair she is using.  If you notice, the chair slants down toward the back.  This design forces a posterior pelvic tilt and you must work harder to maintain an anterior pelvic tilt and hence correct spinal alignment.  If you attempt to sit the way she is teaching with a similar chair, you will notice that your neck doesn't feel supported. This is because the downward slant of the chair makes it difficult to create spinal alignment that is self-supporting.  To fully understand the difference, find a chair very similar to the one Esther Gokhale is using in this video and follow the below experiment:

1) Sit in the chair in the manner in which she explains and hold that posture for 1 minute.  

2) Now turn that chair around and sit with the backrest facing your stomach.  Rest your forearms on the backrest and hold that posture for 1 minute.

Which feels easier?


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