User Instructions

Instructions for placing Build-a-Posture cushion set in automobile seat:


  • Lower car seat to the absolute lowest setting.
  • Adjust down the tilt in the front section of the seat so that the seat is as level (flat) as possible.
  • Place the wedge cushion in seat as shown on the Build-a-Posture website.
  • Raise the headrest (important for safety since you will now be sitting higher up).
  • Place the back pad in a manner that is most comfortable to you— lower for lumbar support or higher for upper back support (if your car seat already has a built-in adjustable lumbar support)— you can use the strap to secure the position of the back pad or simply place the back pad behind you once seated.



Note: All automobile seat adjustment capabilities are different. The main objectives are to lower the seat as much as possible because you will be sitting higher up, and also to level out (flatten) the seat as much as the adjustment controls will allow. From this position/setting, the Build-a-Posture cushion set will create a comfortable and pain-free automobile seat and allow your spine to be properly aligned when seated and driving.