How Does It Work?

     Cushion Set Creates Ergonomic Automobile Seat for Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain  


Do you have lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, spinal stenosis, a bulging or herniated disc? Are you uncomfortable driving and commuting in your car?

Build-a-Posture cushion sets are designed to create an ergonomic seat, promoting proper posture and spinal alignment through correct hip positioning and back support. By sitting with correct posture and a neutral alignment of the spine, back pain and/or neck pain will be significantly reduced if not eliminated. 

The wedge seat cushion, an extra firm high-density foam (Made in USA), is in the shape of a right angle in order to level out the seating portion of the automobile chair. The majority of car seats do not have a level seat. Most seats dip from the knees to the buttocks, varying only in the degree of the dip (otherwise known as a bucket seat). By leveling out the seat, the wedge seat cushion allows one’s hips to form a moderate forward pelvic tilt (aka anterior pelvic tilt). A moderate anterior pelvic tilt is essential to proper alignment/curvature of the spine throughout its full length- sacral, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical. When the hips are aligned properly, a moderate anterior pelvic tilt is automatically formed and spinal load is greatly reduced.

There are NO wedge cushions currently on the market utilizing the high quality of foam necessary, nor are any properly shaped to promote correct posture and hence self-supporting spinal alignment.

Another issue with automobile seats is that due to their shape, most people's shoulders are forced inward and the upper back is forced into a rounded position. Because of this and the general bucket seat formation of automobile seats, one’s head typically protrudes forward causing an unnatural and detrimental curvature of the cervical (neck) portion of the spine.  

The back pad helps to solve this problem.  It can be used as a lumbar support or placed higher and used to support the upper back*. By placing the back pad in the upper portion of one’s back, the shoulders and upper back are free to settle into a natural and comfortable posture. If your car does not have a built-in adjustable lumbar cushion, you can position the back pad lower for lumbar support. 

If you already have a preferred lumbar support cushion, the Build-a-Posture cushion set can easily be used in conjunction with your preferred lumbar support. Simply place the Build-a-Posture back pad higher and your preferred lumbar support cushion in the appropriate position for lower back support.

With the upper back and lumbar well-supported and the wedge seat cushion enforcing a moderate forward pelvic tilt, the spine is now in proper alignment and fully supported from the cervical down through to the lumbar (lower back). Through the correct use of Build-a-Posture cushion sets, these seat modifications allow one to attain an upright sitting position. This is the required sitting posture to alleviate back pain and neck pain, and to foster an overall healthy spine.


*Higher position of the back pad is typically more supportive and comfortable for individuals with neck injuries, such as cervical disc herniation or cervical stenosis.