Body Mechanics Videos

The Benefits of Good Posture

by Murat Dalkilinç and TED-ed 


Lifting Techniques for Light & Heavy Objects w/ Dr. Stuart McGill

Most of us back pain sufferers "throw out" our backs when lifting objects from the ground.  It doesn't matter if it's a heavy object or light object, poor lifting mechanics can be detrimental to individuals with spinal injuries.  In order to protect our spines and prevent further lower back pain, we must use proper body mechanics.  Dr. Stuart McGill is one of the smartest people in the world when it comes to spinal mechanics and back pain.  In this video he teaches fundamental techniques for lifting / picking up items from the floor.


Utilizing a Wedge Cushion When Sitting w/ Esther Gokhale


Hip Hinge

Brought to you by Muscle&Motion, learn the proper body mechanics behind the HIP HINGE.  Utilizing this movement to drink water from the faucet, grab food from the refrigerator, sweep the floor, gardening, etc., will help to prevent further damage to your lower back. If you suffer from lower back pain, herniated / bulging discs, or spinal stenosis, you must learn this technique...


Lifting Heavy Objects

Muscle&Motion helps us better understand the proper body mechanics involved in lifting heavy objects. 

WARNING: At 1:29 in this video, Muscle&Motion advises that when lifting light objects or tying one's sneakers, it is OK for people without spinal injuries to bend the spine.  We do NOT believe it is healthy for anyone to round/bend their spine when picking up any object from the floor or tying their sneakers, certainly NOT individuals with "pathological spinal conditions".

For a spine flexion (bending) exercise with minimal stress, refer to Dr. Stuart McGill's instructions on performing the "Cat-Camel".


Walking Posture

Watch this video of women in Africa walking around town while attending to their daily tasks. Notice the relaxed upright walking posture and spinal alignment.  This is a great example of the posture that should be assumed while walking.